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The UK’s sole manufacturer/installers of mastic asphalt monolithic membranes.

Mastic Asphalt is traditionally the ultimate protection for a wide range of construction applications and offers total waterproofing integrity for roofing, paving and tanking applications.

Whilst being one of the world’s most traditional construction materials, it has continued to develop with the times and even in today’s fast-track building industry, polymer modified mastic asphalt remains the unrivalled choice for many designers and specifiers.

Unrivalled in its flexibility of use and durability, mastic asphalt is used on roofs, balconies, rooftop car parks, below-ground tanking, podium decks & train station platforms as well as roadside pavements and bridge decks. It is proven to be the most cost-effective waterproofing membrane, lasting an average 60 years (source: RICS). It is also the cheapest to maintain and the least problematic pedestrian footway material due to its monolithic nature, which helps prevent trips & falls, thus saving a fortune in legal costs for local authorities.

Installation is solely carried out by trained operatives who have undertaken the mastic asphalt industry’s extensive apprenticeship programme which lasts for a minimum of three years to NVQ Level Two/Three, or equivalent.

Polymer modified mastic asphalt can only be installed by an approved contracting team. There are four main types of mastic asphalt: roofing, paving, tanking and flooring. These are sometimes used in combination, thereby offering the qualities of one type, but interfacing perfectly and taking advantage of the qualities of another type. This is demonstrated perfectly on podiums and rooftop car parks, where the waterproofing is critical, but a harder wearing, or high compressive strength surface is required.

Guaranteed Asphalt’s contracting team re-surface at least one car park every month. We offer a range of mastic asphalt finishes from, a smooth, flat mechanically sand-rubbed finish, crimped or painted finish with anti-slip silica.

A great example of the flexibility of mastic asphalt is a project that we carried out on The Guildhall in London where we formed asphalt to replace the aged and deteriorated paropa roof. Our skilled contracting team carried out the works to this historic building having plotted much of it on paper beforehand. The Mastic Asphalt Council recognised our efforts with an innovation award that year.

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