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Guaranteed Asphalt – Leading Roofing Company in London

Based in London, Guaranteed Asphalt are one of the leading roofing companies in the UK and we are also the UK’s sole manufacturer/installer of mastic asphalt and rubberised hot melt. This gives us a unique edge on price and supply, both critical elements in the modern era of construction, particularly with the latest public sector contracts where the cost and programme are trimmed to the bone.

Apart from mastic asphalt and hot melt systems, we are one of the UK’s leading roofing contractors in built-up feltliving roofssingle-ply and liquid applied coatings.

Our first contract was carried out in 1963, 50 years ago in November 2013! Back then we were solely known for mastic asphalt works. This is perhaps not surprising, as it was the only truly effective flat roofing material available.

Over the years Guaranteed Asphalt Ltd has built its customer base by providing quality roofs in London and throughout the UK.  As other products started to gain a foothold and prove their place (for either the right or wrong reasons!) in the industry, our expertise in waterproofing and roofing has had to evolve and over the last five decades we have kept abreast of the best systems for each situation and now offer an unparalleled spread of options and solutions.

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