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The UK’s sole manufacturer/installers of hot melt monolithic membranes

Since the early 1980s, Guaranteed Asphalt has manufactured and supplied the industry with mastic asphalt. We then developed our own polymer modified brand, GuaraFLEX. It is with this proud heritage and knowledge that we have developed a new fully-bonded hot melt system, GuaraTEC.

GuaraTEC monolithic roofing system is a one-part, hot melt, self-healing membrane. Manufactured from a blend of polymer-modified bitumen, natural rubber and ultra-light fillers, the membrane is reinforced with a high tensile heat-resistant polyester fabric to provide exceptional strength and flexibility as well as giving excellent adhesion to almost any substrate.

The advantages of this belt and braces approach – the durability of an asphalt with the assurance of a fully bonded system with elastic and self-healing properties makes this by far our most popular installed product. Add to this, the added safety of an inverted situation where the insulation lies atop the waterproofing layer and covered with stones, paving slabs or a living roof, thereby further protecting the membrane from any potential damage.

From podiums to balconies, walkways to roofs, our GuaraTEC system can get your project in the dry and rolling ahead of schedule. As we control the manufacture and delivery of the material to our projects, we are never waiting on outside suppliers.

Additionally, the roof can be laid dead flat, without falls, provided there is sufficient drainage. This avoids costly cut-to-falls insulation schemes and reduces the height of upstands, thresholds and the like.

The inverted system also offers the practicality that the roof can be subjected to maintenance foot trafficking.

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