Product Information

Detailed Description
 Designed for sedum/wildflower blanket and plug & plant system with a build-up of 70-150mm
 The substrate is mixed and bagged off site
 Suitable for large scale areas, level or more complicated decks as it is flexible and ‘built into’ the existing structure
Product Guidance
Drainage Layer:
 GuaraDRAIN retention layer
 Thickness = 20mm
 Can be cut and shaped around particular details
Geotextile Filter Fleece:
 Recycled multi-coloured polyester
 Weight = 300 g/m2
 Laid above and below drainage layer
Growing Medium:
 Growing medium (50mm thick)
 Plug & plant wildflower/sedum mixes
 Sedum blanket (30mm thick)
 Wildflower blanket (30mm thick)
 Plug & plant wildflower/sedum mixes
 Intensive maintenance and irrigation required
Maximum Roof Slope:
 15o
Product Specification
– Name: Guaranteed Asphalt Ltd
– Email:
– Product Reference: Component GuaraGREEN Sedum/Wildflower Green Roof System
– Drainage Layer: GuaraDRAIN (20mm)
– Growing Medium: High Nutrient
– Fertiliser: Dependant on vegetation
– Vegetation: Sedum/wildflower mix
– Vegetation Barrier 20-40mm washed pebbles
GuaraMET edge retainer
– Outlet Inspection Chamber GuaraSPECT inspection chamber (500 x 500 x 100mm)
Barratt Homes, Putney Square

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